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Welcome to Phillip L. Harrison.com !  By writing we uncover something that has always been inside of ourselves, by reading we all can share those hidden thoughts and motivations that drove the author down that road.  Why, is the question that we ask ourselves as both readers and writers, but why not, is only considered by the writer and editor.  Each and every author pretty much sticks to a very specific formulae of how to take the concieved main idea of each story, from point "A" to point "B" and beyond, but many of the writers own experiences and thought processes, will be the stand-alone differences that gives each their own very unique way of looking at the world in which they write.  I invite you as readers and writers to try to understand that process every time you reread an old familiar novel.  The making of the story can be every bit as interesting as the actual story itself.  How an author keeps track and implants the tiny details which at first may seem very insignificant to us as readers, should at some point in the book outline be explained or utilized.  Hiding these "easter eggs" among the mundane backdrops and landscape, is another tool that the writer can implement to keep the reader on the edge of the armchair!

Every book is a milestone for the writer, a personal marker of excellence that is only outdone by another book somewhere in the future.  The journey of writing is as intrinsically teathered to each book forward and backward, as the days in the lives of real world "characters".  The difference being that in fiction, "things can change at the whim of the writer, or a precession of the plot and story-line.  Either way, the outcome should be a natural advancement to some future storyline in each book.


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